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Red Sea Explorers offers unique liveaboard diving experiences all over the Red Sea. From our Showroom in Egypt, Hurghada, we also sell, distribute and rent equipment that we dive and test on a daily basis. We specialize in technical diving liveaboards and have supported technical diving, research and exploration projects all over the Red Sea. Yet, we cater very well to the recreational divers and provide unique opportunities for them to improve their skills and interface with technical diving operations happening onboard.


Known for their diving expertise, our team offers divers the chance to conduct unique dives whether it is a recreational 4 wreck scooter dive on Abu Nahhas, or a deep Trimix dive on the Elphinstone Arch. All this takes place in the comfort and safety of our liveaboards, the MV Tala or the MV Nouran. 

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Shark and Yolanda, by RSE


RSE Doing the Blue Hole

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Gulf Fleet  31 – Sha’ab Ruhr Um Gammarwith Jesper Kjoller

Gulf Fleet 31 – Sha’ab Ruhr Um Gammarwith Jesper Kjoller

Published - 04 Sep 2014

One of the deepest diveable shipwrecks in Egypt hit the northeast side of Shaab Ruhr Umm Qammar in September 1985. This reef is a popular local dive site close to Hurghada... read more

Tom Hanks with Red Sea Explorers

Tom Hanks with Red Sea Explorers

Published - 28 Jul 2014

Tom Hanks plays the role of a struggling American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to sign a contract with a wealthy monarch, but instead finds himself entangled in a series... read more

Red Sea Explorers a GUE IDC Facility

Red Sea Explorers a GUE IDC Facility

Published - 25 Jul 2014

GUE Instructor Development Centers (IDC) are facilities dedicated to expanding the GUE diving community while supporting the broader goals of the organization.... read more