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Red Sea Explorers a GUE IDC Facility

Red Sea Explorers a GUE IDC Facility

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new alliance between GUE and Red Sea Explorers.

Red Sea Explorers is now a GUE IDC facility, one of only 8 centers in the world to acquire the status.

GUE Instructor Development Centers (IDC) are facilities dedicated to expanding the GUE diving community while supporting the broader goals of the organization. As off now we are offering regular interning options for GUE instructors-in-training, we will also support and/or organize GUE Instructor Training Courses in coordination with Headquarters. As a GUE IDC we shall promote the research, exploration, and education under the GUE umbrella. We offer all GUE standard gasses on-site and provide GUE dive equipment and year-round access to GUE dive training.

What makes RSE unique as IDC facility is that we are a Liveaboard operation and our boats have access to many diving locations with various conditions offering interesting diving possibilities. This will make education more dynamic, offer a vast location for a Baseline project and opens the door for more GUE style exploration/conservation on the Red Sea. It is through the support of our partner instructors, such as Richard Lundgren, Dorota Czerny, Marco Colman, Jesper Kjller to name a few, that we plan to provide a continuous presence for GUE activity onboard our vessels. In light of the new status, Red Sea Explorers is committed to adhere to the stringent GUE standards that have continued to make GUE the leading dive education on the market.

Stay tuned for a new schedule of GUE activities that will be coming up. We will have Special Group pricing for GUE instrcutors and students looking to run courses, come out for experience dives or participate in research projects. In the mean time if you are interested in GUE training at any level or interning as an instructor please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.