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Dive Sudan with Red Sea Explorers

Dive Sudan with Red Sea Explorers

RSE is going to Sudan!

Due to popular demnad We are taking the MV Tala to the Sudan for Febuary and March of 2015. This is a unique oprtunity for you to dive the Sudan Red Sea Explorers style. We will be going in full force loaded with trimix, scooters and all the toys that make Red Sea Explorers the go to technical diving destination on the Red Sea. 

Several project are already planned to map and scan vergin reefs in the trimix range of 60 to 100 meters. Moreover the sudan is only enjoyed at depth of 40 to 50 metes and the only way to dive safely to these depth is using the apropriate gasses and tools. This is where we come in. Join us for a trip and dive the Sudan like it was ment to be dived. 

Contact to book your spot as soon as possible.