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Gulf Fleet  31 – Sha’ab Ruhr Um Gammarwith Jesper Kjoller

Gulf Fleet 31 – Sha’ab Ruhr Um Gammarwith Jesper Kjoller

– three different configurations

The great thing about wreck diving in the Red Sea is that most of the wrecks lies in close proximity to the reefs. When you do a decompression dive, it means that on top of the actual dive, you get a nice and long multilevel dive along a thriving coral reef.

One of the deepest diveable shipwrecks in Egypt hit the northeast side of Shaab Ruhr Umm Qammar in September 1985. This reef is a popular local dive site close to Hurghada is visited by divers and snorklers every day.

Gulf Fleet 31 was an offshore supply vessel. The crew had enough time to abandon the ship before she sank, so no life was lost.

The wreck lies between 85 and 105 meters and was visited in July 2014 by Mozi El Ariss (JJ-CCR with GUE configuration), Valeria Chernishova (technical sidemount) and Jesper Kjøller (open circuit). The dive proved that the three different configurations work well in a mixed team, providing that the divers share a common mindset and common protocols.

Gulf Fleet 31 rests on a coral outcropping with a gap under it so it is possible to swim below the hull. With an average depth of 95 meters and a bottom time of 18 minutes, the team did almost 120 minutes of runtime. The scooters made it possible to go all the way back to MV Tala at her anchorage at the southern point of the reef to complete the shallow deco stops under the boat and enjoy support divers picking up the used tanks.




Watch the Video of this dive here>>